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13th Annual YCH Foundation Driving Excellence Golf Tournament

By April 15, 2019Uncategorized

Yoakum Community Hospital held its 13th Annual “Driving Excellence” Golf Tournament on April 6th at the Yoakum Golf Course, where a total of 15 teams participated. Proceeds from the tournament were generously donated to the Yoakum Community Hospital Foundation, which was established to raise and steward funds to provide the highest medical care to the citizens of Yoakum and surrounding communities.

1st Place Winners






Left to right: Bryson Hagan, Travis Brandt, Delena Dekowski and Devan Dekowski

2nd Place Winners






Left to right: David Boedeker, David Moore, Ron Darilek, and Dee Sandalovic

3rd Place Winners

Left to Right: Mike Pohler, Andy Montgomery, Jamie Montgomery, and John Bell