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2018 National Hospital Week

By April 26, 2017May 7th, 2018Uncategorized

A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal, it is a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope. That is why this year’s theme for National Hospital Week is “Caring is our Calling.” National Hospital Week is a celebration of the history, technology and dedicated professionals that make Yoakum Community Hospital beacons of confidence and care. “We are extremely proud and thankful for each member of our staff, as they are the ones who make trustworthy, reliable health care possible in our rural community,” said Karen Barber, CEO of Yoakum Community Hospital. The event theme is the centerpiece of a promotional campaign aimed at uniting health care facilities across the country during the May 6–12 celebration. In honor of National Hospital Week, Yoakum Mayor, Annie Rodriguez, presented a proclamation to the YCH Hospital Week Planning Committee members. Pictured: Front Row (Left to Right): Erin Menke, Mayor Annie Rodriguez, and Pixie Holik. Back Row (Left to Right): Kim Mraz, Desire’e Peagler, Karen Barber, Michael Guajardo, and Debbie Long.