Yoakum Community Hospital Inpatient

Yoakum Board of Trustees


Yoakum Community Hospital Board of Trustees is appointed to govern the hospital. The group is composed of a diverse and representative group of community leaders who donate their time and talent to assist the hospital in carrying out its mission.

The current Yoakum Community Hospital Board of Trustees are:

  • Ronnie Leck, Chairperson
  • Marvin Boedeker, Vice Chairperson/Secretary
  • Clay Hermann, Tax District Representative
  • Dr. R. Martin Lambert, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Saundra Anderson, Trustee
  • Ronnie Leck, Trustee
  • Tom Kelley, Trustee
  • Jeff Pesek, Trustee
  • Larry Leahy, Trustee
  • Sherri Kusak, Trustee
  • Phillip Fitch, Trustee
  • Bruce Bayless, Trustee
  • Lindsey Lacina, Trustee
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