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Crystal Harris nominated as the local recipient of the Dan Wilford Award

Crystal Harris was honored as the local 2024 recipient of the Dan Wilford Award for Compassion & Community Service. She was chosen for this award for exhibiting the following criteria in her day-to-day work ethic:

  • remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of patients
  • significant contributions to the improvement of their community’s health and welfare
  • a level of commitment to community service beyond the daily operation of the facility
  • extraordinary acts of kindness
  • positive effect on others
  • competent, consistent and people oriented day-to-day performance

Crystal Harris is a person who likes to contribute to Yoakum Community Hospital as well as the community without recognition. She gives with her whole heart to all who need her and also to
those who didn’t know they needed her. Crystal’s involvement in the community and Yoakum Community Hospital is so valuable. While she will not toot her own horn, so many others do. At YCH over the years, Crystal has shifted into many roles. When asked why, she replied, “I’m a doer and when there is a need, I want the best for the hospital and I want to help where needed”.  Embracing new challenges with optimism and a smile, she leverages her extensive 21 years of experience to actively contribute ideas of education and foster growth within our team. As a trusted and respected employee, her input is valued in the decision-making processes across the organization.

Crystal is a valuable blessing to Yoakum Community Hospital and the communities we serve.  She truly has the heart of a servant and is admired for her compassion, kindness and determination. She is a doer, she is a leader, she is a rock, she is a friend, she is a coworker and she is valuable to all who know her. Ask anyone within the hospital or community about Crystal and they all say she is a friend.