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Important Message Regarding Malrware and Ransomeware Threats for YCH Employees

By February 2, 2017Uncategorized

Please see the important message below regarding ransomware and malware threats to our facility.

Attackers frequently use email as a way to gain entry into our systems, tricking employees into disclosing sensitive information, clicking on a link or attachment, in order to install encryption malware on our computers and infect any systems the user has access to.

Once encrypted data and systems are compromised they may be down for days, weeks, or longer.  In some cases, critical data is lost forever.  This creates serious patient care concerns and lengthy business interruptions that jeopardize the organization’s financial stability.

Here are a few critical steps each employee must take to minimize possible exposure:

  1. Delete emails from unknown sources that request you click links or open attachments.
  2. Confirmemails from known sources that request you click any links or open email attachments you were not expecting by drafting a separate email to a trusted source (do not reply) before opening it.
  3. Deleteemails requesting you provide personal information by reply email, clicking a link, or opening a document.
  4. Markany suspicious email as spam and delete Do not forward suspicious emails to the helpdesk for review as this could possibly spread the virus.
  5. Exercise cautionwhen downloading files from the Internet or a USB drive you attach to your computer. Make sure that the site, files, and provider are legitimate and reputable.

Your IT and security team members are working to ensure our organization is as protected as possible, but employees are the first line of defense, and it is imperative that you follow these guidelines to ensure you are not putting yourself and the organization at risk.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Thank you,

Crystal Harris RN BSN

Interim Director of Information Technology

Yoakum Community Hospital