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Kluck Foundation Donates to YCH for UV Disinfection Robot

By August 19, 2020Uncategorized

On behalf of the Foundation of Herbert F. “Buddy” and Leola Lampley Kluck, Dr. William Moehlman and Garlan Weber, Trustees of the Kluck Foundation, presented a generous donation to Yoakum Community Hospital on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020. The Kluck Foundation’s donation has gone towards the cost of the hospitals new UV Disinfection Robot Equipment. This robot is a paired system of ultraviolet emitters that is specifically designed to work in tandem to emit germ deactivating UV energy. It is used to clean 360 degrees of patient rooms and to provide an additional level of protection.

“As we continue to care for our patients, our sole focus is preserving their health and safety,” said Karen Barber, YCH Chief Executive Officer. “The Kluck Family’s gifts have been priceless in advancing the quality of care that we have been able to offer our patients over the years. We sincerely thank the Kluck Foundation for their continued support of Yoakum Community Hospital.”

From left to right: Lorren Cason (Director of Respiratory/Physical Therapy/Disaster Preparedness), Kim Mraz (Director of Quality/Infection Control), Dr. William Moehlman (Kluck Foundation Trustee), Garlan Weber (Kluck Foundation Trustee) and Karen Barber (Chief Executive Officer). Not Pictured: Charles Kvinta, Jr. (Kluck Foundation Trustee).