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March is designated as Social Work Month.

By March 31, 2023YCH News
With March coming to an end, we want to take this opportunity to recognize our Social Workers Sloane, Sara and Chrissy as a part of our New Horizons team. We are thankful to them for all they do!
For more information, please visit: https://www.yoakumhospital.org/services/new-horizons/
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Social work can be difficult to understand because the profession is so diverse. Social workers work in many different places, including schools, hospitals, mental health practices, veteran centers, child welfare agencies, the criminal justice system, corporations, and state, federal and local governments—to name a few. Although there are many kinds of social work, members of
the profession all share common principles: They are people dedicated to seeking complete equality and social justice for all communities and helping people achieve their own potential.
Each day social workers help break down barriers that prevent people from living more fulfilling, enriched lives. They work on the individual level, helping people overcome personal crises.

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