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Help is Nearby

Individual counseling provides a personal opportunity for one to experience growth and healing through challenging times in life. Individual counseling can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Marriage and Relationship Challenges
  • Parenting Problems
  • Career Changes
  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Caregiver burnout and Stress
  • Social Withdrawal

Counseling allows individuals to explore their feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.


Who could benefit from counseling?

Therapy isn’t just for those in crisis; it can be a transformative experience for everyone, including mentally healthy individuals. Therapy can benefit not only those facing mental health challenges but also those seeking personal growth, self-awareness, and a more fulfilling life.

How will I pay for treatment?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances cover this service. Assistance is available to those who qualify. 

What if I can’t drive?

Rural transit is available in our service area and may be covered at no cost to you if needed. Let us know if you need assistance to appointments.

Who is at risk for suicide?

Suicide most often occurs when stressors and health issues overlap to create an experience of hopelessness and despair. Depression is the most common condition associated with suicide, and it is often undiagnosed or untreated. Conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance problems, especially when unaddressed, increase risk for suicide. Yet it’s important to note that most people who actively manage their mental health conditions go on to engage in life.

New Horizons Staff:

Stephanie Lerch, BSN, RN | Program Director
(361) 293-2321, ext. 464

Traci Kaiser, LCSW-BCD | Social Worker
(361) 293-2321, ext. 509

Sara Konvicka, LCSW-C | Social Worker
(361) 293-2321, ext. 140

Chrissy Wagner, LCSW | Social Worker
(361) 293-2321, ext. 463

Sloane Dolezal, LMSW | Social Worker
(361) 293-2321, ext. 537

Desire’e Peagler, LVN | Patient Advocate
(361) 293-2321, ext. 576