Yoakum Community Hospital Surgery

Swing Bed


Yoakum Community Hospital offers a Swing Bed Program that provides services and support to help patients transition back to life.

Swing bed is a term for skilled nursing services in a hospital setting. “Swing” refers only to a paper transfer. When patients no longer qualify for inpatient care, they are allowed to remain in the hospital to receive continued care.

As part of this outpatient program, we offer many customized services to fit the specific patient needs. Your physician will determine the services needed during your stay:

  • Skilled Nursing – Provided by qualified nursing personnel
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation – An individualized treatment program designed by qualified, licensed Physical Therapists
  • Speech Therapy – Provided by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist to evaluate the need for language therapy, voice and articulation and fluency disorders.
  • Respiratory Therapy – Services that are prescribed for assessment, evaluation, treatment and management of patients with abnormal cardiopulmonary function.
  • Social Services – Coordination of community resources for the patient, family members and caregivers.
  • Spiritual Care – Visits from clergy available upon request.


 How the Swing Bed Program Helps

The program provides therapy services for patients recovering from long-term hospital stays in both an inpatient and outpatient setting.  Patients can remain in a caring environment with highly skilled staff.

Other benefits of the program include:

  • Learning self-care skills to help increase independence and decrease anxiety
  • Close proximity to family and friends who offer emotional support for the patient’s recovery
  • Lower stress levels
  • Access to familiar physicians
  • Smooth, natural transition to a home environment

Program Participation

To be eligible for the Swing Bed Program at YCH, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Patient requires skilled nursing services
  • Patient requires skilled nursing services on a daily basis
  • Daily skilled services can only be provided on an inpatient basis in a Skilled Nursing Facility or Swing Bed

Medicare covers 100% of the cost up to 20 days of the Swing Bed Program. Additional days may be covered at a lesser rate.

Other insurance providers may cover or reimburse Swing Bed Program costs. However, you should speak to your insurance company to learn more about your options.

If you are without medical coverage and need to participate in the YCH Swing Bed Program, please contact us to learn about possible financial assistance programs.