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Stroke/Telemedicine-Neurology Presentation Given at Hochheim Prairie

With a mission of providing quality care to our community, YCH has partnered with Hochheim Prairie Insurance to provide wellness presentations to their staff throughout the year!

This month, Connie Behrhorst (Director of Outreach at St. David’s Healthcare) gave a presentation on Telemedicine-Neurology services provided at YCH, in conjunction with St. David’s. With this technology, our hospital provides state of the art neurology consults via telemedicine in the ER. Connie not only educated the Hochheim Prairie staff on stroke symptoms and risk factors, but reminded them that having a stroke is an EMERGENCY! In addition, Connie also recognized special guest, Kay Biehunko, a 2015 stroke survivor, who received treatment and experienced the importance of having Telemedicine-Neurology at YCH first hand.

Thanks to our partnership with St. David’s, patients who arrive at our ER experiencing a stroke can receive a neurology consult and treatment within minutes! As a designated Support Level III Stroke Facility in Trauma, we want to remind our community that when it comes to a stroke, time is of the essence and that you are in good hands when you enter our ER!