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YCH Brings A Spa Experience to it’s New 3D Mammograms

Mammography Suite reduces anxiety; could increase mammogram adherence rate

Did you know that one in four women avoid mammograms because of worry or fear? Or that less than 70 percent of women in the U.S., ages 50 and older, have had a mammogram in the last two years? Yet, some of the current guidelines call for women, ages 50 to 74 with no significant risk factors, to have a mammogram every two years.2

Studies found that women: fear the mammogram will hurt (one study found that 46 percent of women skipped their regular mammogram because the first one hurt too much); are anxious because they had a false positive exam in the past;  or are just worried about the potential results.

That’s why, Yoakum Community Hospital has created a special room to house our new 3D Mammography unit, using evidence-based approaches to reduce anxiety and pain.  The Mammography Suite simultaneously stimulates three of the women’s senses- scent, sight and sound- to help reduce the discomfort, pain and anxiety of a mammogram.

We purposefully designed a suite just for our community – because we believe a woman shouldn’t fear a test that could truly SAVE HER LIFE! Our new 3D Mammographic technology helps reduce false positive results, allowing our Radiologists to diagnose more accurately for each patient – even those with fibrous dense breast tissue.

We invite YOU to visit Yoakum Community Hospital.  We will be honored to serve you, meeting your needs today and well into the future. To schedule your mammogram at Yoakum Community Hospital, please call (361) 293-9638.