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YCH Offers Holiday Meal Planning Tips for Families Dealing with Diabetes

By November 12, 2019Uncategorized

For people with diabetes, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time. “Eating well-balanced meals year-round is an essential part of diabetes management,” said Leah Janecek, Dietician, Yoakum Community Hospital. “During the holidays, though—when there is so much focus on food—keeping on track can be challenging.”

Providers associated with Yoakum Community Hospital are also available to assess a patient’s concerns about diabetes, diabetes management and healthy eating.

To help holiday eaters make better choices, Leah Janecek, Dietician, and the American Diabetes Association offer these recommendations to stay healthy.

Plan ahead. Don’t let questions about what to eat, how much to eat, and meal timing dampen your holiday. To manage stress, plan meals in advance. Be sure to limit portion sizes, so as to not overindulge.

Stay active physically. If you eat a little more than usual, don’t stay on the couch. Move away from the food. Take a walk or play Frisbee or soccer with your children or grandchildren. Make this a new tradition you’ll continue for years to come.

Try healthier versions of your favorite holiday foods. Grandma’s traditional casserole may taste just as good with fat-free or light sour cream instead of regular. Cut down on the amount of sugar in your fruit pie — the natural sweetness of the fruit doesn’t require a lot of added sugar and this is an easy adjustment to make. Steam green beans instead of sautéing them in butter.

“By following these tips, you’ll be ready to enter the New Year with confidence. Your health is worth it,” said Leah Janecek, YCH Dietician.

To learn more about healthy eating with Leah Janecek, please have your doctor’s office schedule an appointment with the Yoakum Community Hospital Central Scheduling Department at (361) 9638.

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