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YCH Partners with Hochiem Prairie Insurance for Wellness Screenings

On Thursday, June 20th, 2019, a team of Yoakum Community Hospital staff members hosted Wellness Screenings at Hochhiem Prairie Insurance. YCH offered Hemoglobin A1C tests, Cholesterol tests, blood pressure checks, as well as a blood work prostate screening for men.

With the ever rising cost of health care, Hochhiem Prairie Insurance chose to partner with YCH in order to provide this screening to their employees. Knowing where your health stands gives you a great reference point to help understand what can be improved upon, as well as give you peace of mind!

With a mission of providing quality care to the community, YCH offers confidential Wellness Screenings and discounted lab work for a multitude of issues. The potentially life-saving health screenings also reduce health care claims for companies interested in partnering with YCH. All of these exams can be offered at a discounted cost to participating entities.

As a nonprofit hospital, Yoakum Community Hospital’s focus is on its patients, as well as giving back to the community. “Here at YCH, we want to reach out to the members and businesses of our community, helping to equip them with knowledge regarding their health in an affordable way,” said Jennifer Franklin, Chief Clinical Officer. “This program helps people to be certain where they stand, and enable them to move forward towards a lifestyle focused on wellness.”

If you are an area business leader seeking support in helping to keep your employees healthy, please contact Jennifer Franklin at 361-293-2321 ext. 105. This service can be a tremendous benefit and make a measurable difference with the health of your employees, when you partner with Yoakum Community Hospital.