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YCH Provides Disposal Receptacle for Unused/Expired Medication

By August 28, 2020Uncategorized

Yoakum Community Hospital is proud to announce it has contracted with Inmar, Inc. to launch a Consumer Drug Take-Back Program. Through this program, the hospital will officially maintain a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) compliant prescription drug take-back receptacle, where patients and visitors can safely deposit unused and expired medications.

“We are pleased that Inmar’s Consumer Drug Take-Back Program will be a valuable resource for the people of Yoakum and the surrounding areas,” said Karen Barber, Chief Executive Officer of Yoakum Community Hospital. “Correct drug disposal is important for many reasons and our hospital is excited to provide this service to keep both our community and environment safe.”

Drug take-back programs have a significant impact on removing opioids and other medications from the home to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. This solution helps mitigate the improper and environmentally harmful disposal of medications by patients, which typically involves drugs being flushed down the toilet, poured into the sink or simply thrown out with the trash. This kind of disposal on a nationwide basis continues to drive up the amount of medication found in surface water bodies (streams, lakes and rivers), creating negative health implications for both human beings and wildlife.

Yoakum Community Hospital encourages the community to collect unwanted and expired medications from their homes and bring them to the take-back receptacle, securely located in the hospital ER waiting room. The receptacle is bright green, easily accessible and a safe place to dispose of unused and expired medications.

To deposit unused or expired medications, simply pull the drawer open, place the medications inside and close the drawer. Items acceptable to deposit include Schedule II – V controlled substances, unused or expired over-the-counter medication and pet medication. Items not acceptable are Schedule I controlled substances, illegal drugs, thermometers, inhalers, lotions/liquids, aerosol cans, needles, and hydrogen peroxide.

This receptacle is meant only for members of the community to dispose medications from their homes. It is NOT to be used by pharmacies, clinics, and other facilities that need to dispose of medications they are responsible for.

For questions regarding the medication disposal process at Yoakum Community Hospital, please call (361) 293-2321 ext. 102.