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Yoakum Community Hospital Advocates Health in New Year

By January 7, 2019Uncategorized

If you can’t cinch that belt, touch your toes or do a push-up, it’s time for a  visit to your primary care physician affiliated with Yoakum Community Hospital.

Consider this: In a 2018 survey of Americans’ top nine New Year’s resolutions (Statista:  https://www.statista.com/statistics/378105/new-years-resolution/), respondents ranked weight-loss and getting in shape second only to saving more money. Resolving to quit smoking placed eighth.  Makes sense, since obesity greatly increases an individual’s risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well as for overall mortality.

Additionally, recent research studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that almost 40 percent – more than one out of every three American adults – is obese. An obese adult has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. A body size measurement, the BMI combines and compares a person’s weight and height and determines whether or not their height/weight ratio is appropriate.

“Early in the New Year is the perfect time to embark on a healthier life style, and build on it throughout the year,” said Karen Barber, CEO, of Yoakum Community Hospital. “While maintaining your correct weight is a significant health factor, a thorough annual check-up can confirm your health status, identify a potential problem early on and help you develop a regimen for a long, healthy, active and productive life. If you feel great, it’s especially good to have an annual exam to get a baseline health assessment for future reference. At New Year’s and throughout the year, we pride ourselves on our well-trained professional staff, our wide array of diagnostic tools and our compassionate and close-to-home community-based care. ”

If a New Year’s visit to Yoakum Community Hospital indicates weight-loss, lifestyle modifications or clinical care, consider these suggestions to stay motivated, prevent early-burnout and achieve long-term success.

Focus on Food:

  • Keep an accurate daily record or food log of what, when and where you eat. Either write it down or use one of several available online tracking apps. Reviewing your food log may help identify vulnerable times or situations that prompt you to unwittingly over-eat or eat more than you thought you did. The next time you encounter that tempting situation, you’ll be better prepared to avoid or effectively manage it.

Move More, Burn More:

  • Integrate more movement into your daily routine. For example, park far away from the super market, library, mall or school. At the supermarket, don’t just grab the item you need. Deliberately allow more time to walk up and down each aisle. Ditto at your next trip to the mall. Try swimming once a week at a local pool. Many health clubs offer a free trial early in the year.

Review, Evaluate and Be Flexible:

  • After a few days or a week has elapsed, review your progress. What worked? What didn’t? Why? Query other people who’ve lost weight and successfully maintained it or join a weight loss group at a community center. What strategies did they use? Most importantly, be willing to switch tactics with a Plan B, C or whatever it takes to achieve long-term success.

For the convenience of patients, Yoakum Community Hospital is located at 1200 Carl Ramert Drive, Yoakum, TX 77995 and hours are designed to meet busy schedules. Please call us today at (361) 293-2321 to find a physician or go to https://www.yoakumhospital.org/physicians/ and let us help you reach your healthier lifestyle goals.