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Yoakum Community Hospital Now Offers Cardiac Rehabilitation

By March 10, 2020Uncategorized

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, but the good news is that it is also one of the most preventable. That is why Yoakum Community Hospital has added Cardiac Rehabilitation to its service offerings and has made it their goal to help treat cardiac patients close to home.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to improve the cardiovascular health of patients who have experienced a cardiac event or live with a chronic cardiac diagnosis, such as a heart attack or congenital heart failure. Studies have shown that cardiac rehabilitation enhances patient lives, improves health outcomes and decreases recurrent hospitalizations.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Yoakum Community Hospital utilizes innovative telemetry monitoring, up-to-date exercise equipment, educational strategies, and licensed counsel to facilitate the healing of patients. It increases cardiovascular efficiency, offers physical and psychological benefits, speeds recovery, and helps prevent prolonged disability. The program provides medically supervised and individualized treatment plans based on each person’s unique circumstances.

“Our goal is to help patients regain good health, so that they may return to work, recreational activities, and the tasks of daily living,” said Karen Barber, Chief Executive Officer. “Almost everyone with heart disease can benefit from some type of cardiac rehab. No one is too old or young, and men and women benefit equally.”

As with any rehabilitation program, cardiac rehab includes a combination of exercise and education to help patients return to a healthy, active life.

Dr. Gary Reynolds, Medical Director, and Donna Gabrysch, RN, serve as the providers for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Their comprehensive approach to cardiac rehab provides patients’ with an environment for independent exercise with others experiencing similar medical goals, while developing and maintaining proper health habits for their new lifestyle.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Yoakum Community Hospital is now open Monday through Friday. To learn more about how cardiac rehab can help you and your loved ones, please call (361) 293-2321, ext. 783.